Waukesha, Wisconsin


Who We Are

Allied Resource Recovery, Inc is our new name for West Allis Salvage, Inc. After seventy five years in business West Allis Salvage has grown far beyond its humble beginnings. Started in 1938 by Donald Rehberg, we have grown to be Wisconsin’s leader in recycling. We’ve come a long way from the little junkyard in West Allis. We now own and operate three plants in Wisconsin; West Allis Salvage, The Waukesha Recycling Company and A to Z Recycling in the Fox Valley. We also operate National Salvage.

While the name West Allis Salvage is synonymous with recycling in Wisconsin, the name no longer fits who we are. Seventy five years ago we bought hundreds of pounds of scrap metal. Today we recycle over 200,000,000 pounds of metal, paper, plastic and other material each year. Today we also supply markets all over the world.

What’s in a name? The West Allis Salvage name served us well for many years. But, today we are far more than a salvage yard. Today we stand in the forefront when it comes to “green initiatives”, “sustainability’’and “zero waste goals”. We are now a full service environmental asset management company. This is why we were compelled to choose a name that better describes who we are. Why the name “ALLIED RESOURCE RECOVERY, Inc”? “ALLIED” stands for all of our plants who are allies in the collection of recyclables. “RESOURCE RECOVERY” stands for our efforts to recycle, reuse and conserve this generation’s resources for tomorrow’s generations.

And yes, we are still owned and operated by the Rehberg family.