Waukesha, Wisconsin





waOfficeEntryEffective October 1, 2013, West Allis Salvage Co., Inc. will be changing its name. The new name is “Allied Resource Recovery, Inc.” or “ARR”. There has been no change in ownership or management. Our corporate structure has not changed. This is strictly a name change only for the existing corporation.

This year West Allis Salvage or Allied Resource Recovery, Inc. is starting to celebrate our 75th anniversary. While the name West Allis Salvage has served us well over the years, it no longer accurately represents who are and what we do. Yes, we are still owned and operated by the Rehberg family, as we always have been. Our commitment to provide the highest levels of value and service to our customers will never diminish.

What has changed? In 1938 we started as a small junkyard in West Allis. Today, we still have our original location in West Allis; however, we also own locations in Waukesha (Waukesha Recycling) and the Fox Valley (A to Z Recycling). We have a partnered interest in National Salvage located in Milwaukee. Plus, Piranha Paper Shredding LLC is a free standing separate business owned by the Rehberg family. Our work scope has also changed and grown. In 1938, we bought scrap metal, rags and paper from the public. Today we still buy metal and paper (no more rags) at our multiple locations. Our biggest change is the fact that we’ve evolved into Wisconsin’s leader in helping businesses become “green”. We’ve helped hundreds of business develop their own green initiatives to reach their sustainability and waste reduction goals. In 1938, we sold our thousands of pounds of scrap to local wholesalers. Today we sell our material all over the world. We supply mills and foundries from Wisconsin to India and everywhere in between. The few thousand pounds in 1938 has grown to over 200,000,000 pounds this year and still growing.

So, that’s our story. It’s been a great adventure and we look forward as the adventure continues. We want to thank everyone for the relationships that we’ve developed over the years. We look forward to the future with every one of you and the new friends we find along the way.

Stay Tuned,
Phil Rehberg